Caricatures of censorship

Cover illustration: Hier Zensur – wer dort? (Censorship Here. Who’s Calling?)
Cover illustration of H. H. Houben’s book Hier Zensur – wer dort? (Censorship Here. Who’s Calling?) by Thomas Theodor Heine, 1918
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Caricatures of censorship

Poking fun at the authorities

Satires that the censor understands are rightly banned.

Karl Kraus, 1910

Caricatures are extremely well suited to staging a critical confrontation with repression and the banning of unwanted publications. Censors and their edicts are put on view in exaggerated and distorted images drawn with a sharp pen. And how is the censor portrayed? Happily holding scissors in his hand, always ready to cut out whatever is unwanted.

A good caricaturist is capable of laying bare censorship’s inherent contradictions in a particularly effective way and making them transparent for a wide audience. The struggle for press freedom being fought in many European countries at this time in the 19th century led to a high point in political and socially critical caricature.