• Adelslexikon

    reference book providing information in short form of the history, names, coats of arms and property of the German nobility
  • adhesive seal

    rubberised, round, oval or angular seal used by a public authority, company or private person
  • AF

    abbreviation for autofocus, the capability of cameras and scanners to focus automatically
  • ageing resistance (of paper)

    property of paper to be durable against internal material changes or external influences such as light or atmospheric pollution
  • Agnus Dei

    the lamb of God, a widespread symbol for Jesus Christ, represented in art as the Easter lamb holding a flag of victory
  • ahnentafel

    German record of a person’s ancestors numbered and listed in a fixed sequence of ascent
  • album

    a collection contained in the form of a book into which objects may be put or glued
  • Aldines

    small format printed matter that was published by the printer Aldus Manutius and his descendants in Venice between 1494 and 1598
  • aliasing

    stepped on-screen display of round or oblique shapes, which can be compensated for optically with anti-aliasing software
  • almanac

    normally a small-format calendar or paperback appearing annually