One page of an illuminated manuscript is shown. The page is divided into two columns. On the left-hand side is a sequence of images in five colours, each of which illustrates a legal norm. On the right-hand side is hand-written text. Each of the images features an upper-case letter which can also be found in the text on the right-hand side; these letters define the correspondence between text and image. The scenes show a number of people who are carrying out particular actions, their roles indicated by attributes. The subject is feudal law. The images show the act of enfeoffment (exchange of land for service to a feudal lord), the goods which could serve as fief, and the obligations which the vassal might render, such as a six-week period of military service. This is illustrated with armed men and the Roman numeral ‘VI’ appended to the image. The geographical jurisdiction is also explained; in the last image the scene is divided by a river, with the explanation that all feoffs above the Saale River were expected to fight the Wends, Poles and Bohemians.