The image shows one of the copies which Schoppmeyer made from manuscript pages. We see an excerpt from the 112th psalm (Beatus vir) with the large illuminated initial B and initial S in black knotwork on a red stylised mayflower background. The illuminated initial is coloured. A man in blue robes and bishop’s mitre sits at a lectern, turned toward the left. He is writing a text which begins with the word “benedict”, which may indicate that it is Benedict of Nursia’s monastic regulations. In his right hand the bishop holds a quill, in the left a correcting knife. In the bottom right of the image are two kneeling, praying men. The background is formed of drapery with three decorative bands which is spanned to the upper curve of the letter B. The initial letter itself is filled with acanthus leaves and stands on a gold background in a repeating frame. Two points reach left beyond the frame and are embellished with ornamentation which continues below along the left-hand text page. The text on the right-hand side next to the two initials begins with an incipit in red, there follows a line of notes in neumen notation on four red lines. The other text is written in blackletter, some lombards (smaller ornamental letters) are rendered in red or blue ink.