The title page of a pamphlet is shown. A border surrounds the white middle section which features the title, the name of the author and the printing location in Fraktur typeface. The accompanying text reads: “An den christlichen Adel deutscher Nation: von des Christlichen standes besserung. D. Martinus Luther. Durch yhn selbs gemehret vnd corrigirt. Vuittemberg“. (“Address to the Christian nobility of Germany: on the improvement of the Christian classes. D. Martinus Luther. Enhanced and corrected by he himself. Wittenberg“). The border is a woodcut: a black background features allegorical figures, hybrid animals, grotesque figures and personages of the age surrounded by decorative foliage. The municipal coat of arms of Wittenberg is pictured towards the top of the image in the centre, while the lower central section features a shield with an image of a cross that is enveloped by a snake. To the left is a man with a sword and girdle, on the right a man with a hood and rapier. Both are dressed in accordance with the style of the era.