From TV to search engine

Cinema poster: Life in a Day
Poster for the film Life in a Day, 2011, which is composed exclusively of private YouTube videos
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From TV to search engine

A tailor-made media centre

What we are thinking about is whether to declare the pioneering phase of the Internet, which affects the expansion of both radio and television, to be finished.

Norbert Schneider, Director of the Landesanstalt für Medien NRW (regional broadcasting authorities of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia), in April 2007 speaking to the taz daily newspaper

Just as the Internet has forever changed the novel ways in which book culture, the world of the newspaper and the music industry can be used, so television, which was previously a guiding medium, is increasingly struggling in the competition for real-time interaction. The TV guide of the future may very well become an on-demand service whose contents can be played on any connected and mobile technology the user chooses. While multimedia portals such as iTunes and YouTube as well as television stationsʹ media centres are already showing the way, the next step towards a distribution channel focused on individual broadcasts has yet to be made. Television will likely decline further into special-interest channels and will only be called up on individual demand – i.e. when the view chooses to do so. 

In addition, we can expect a greater convergence of TV programmes towards interactive computer games. It is conceivable that the viewer of the future will have a fundamental impact on documentaries and fictional formats. Personalised videos such as the horror film trailer Lost in Val Sinestra (2010), which accesses names and photos from Facebook profiles, are also setting trends in addition to viewer polls, subsequent dubbing by fans and digital 3D technology. In times in which the Smartphone allows anyone to make a video themselves quickly and without any difficulty before publishing it online, large media organisations are no longer completely in charge of the news agenda.