• key

    text describing symbols, signatures and colours used in a map or picture
  • key colour (black)

    alongside the printing colours cyan, magenta and yellow one of the core colours of the CYMK colour model
  • keyboard

    an input device comprising finger-operated keys that, either individually or in combination with other keys, produce symbols or activate functions
  • keyword catalogue

    a library catalogue that forms a directory of publications ordered according to keywords that occur in the titles of the works
  • Knight Academy

    educational institutes for educating the sons of aristocratic families in Early Modern times
  • Kommissionsbuchhandel

    German term for an intermediate service industry that provides book publishing or distribution services required by paying book sellers or publishers
  • Kommissionsverlag

    In Germany, a publishing house that produces and sells books at the behest of a third party with the latter covering the costs
  • Konversationslexikon

    the title of an 18th century German-language lexicographical reference book (encyclopaedia) that was both understandable for the average reader and comprehensive in scope
  • Koran

    the holy scripture of Islam: the word of God to the prophet Mohammed, as communicated by the Angel Gabriel
  • Kröner Reform

    a fixed retail price agreement for books introduced in Germany in 1888 by Adolf Kröner, the then-chairman of the German Publishers and Booksellers Association
  • kurrent

    an old and fluid form of cursive German handwriting