• vade mecum

    book or other object which is a constant companion
  • vagabond songs

    songs sung by wandering students and clerics included in collections such as the Carmina Burana
  • vector graphic

    computer graphic composed of mathematically defined lines, curves and surfaces that can be scaled without loss
  • vellum

    handmade paper, without ribbing, which is made ​​with a suction mould and screen mesh
  • verge-paper

    ribbed paper
  • version

    reading of a text which differs from other manuscripts or print versions
  • verso

    back of a writing surface made ​​of papyrus, parchment or paper
  • vertical script

    a script in which symbols are not read horizontally but vertically as in Chinese or Japanese
  • vignette

    decorative piece for title page, chapter beginning or at the end of a text
  • virtualisation

    concept in media theory, which focuses on the relationship between the digital world and non-digital world
  • Volksempfänger ('People's receiver')

    name for a radio set developed for Nazi propaganda and sold from 1933
  • Vormärz

    historical period in Germany, the time before the March Revolution of 1848, influenced literarily and politically by the promotion of Liberalism and national unity
  • Voyager Golden Record

    ambassadorial message to extra-terrestrial intelligences assembled by the US  space agency NASA, which was dispatched into interstellar space in 1977
  • vulgate

    first Latin version of the bible in antiquity