• back printing

    second print cycle that prints the second page of a sheet and follows face printing
  • banishment

    a temporary or lifelong ban on residence imposed as a penalty
  • Bänkelsänger

    wandering circulator of news who performed sung moritats and ballads, and also showed pictures at the same time
  • Baroque

    period in European history between 1560 and 1730, the age of the Counter-Reformation and absolutism; stylistic term in art history
  • barter

    a form of trade that dispenses with the use of money in preference of the direct exchange of goods
  • bastard title page

    page preceding the actual title page of a book with a short line referencing the name of the work
  • batch composition

    typesetting of complex texts
  • Bauhaus

    art and design institute active in Weimar, Dessau, style- and trendsetting through its creativity and teaching methods
  • belly band

    a strip of paper stretched over the dust jacket of a book carrying promotional text
  • Benedictines

    oldest existing Western religious order, which lives according to the Rule of Saint Benedict of Nursia from the 6th century
  • Berliner format

    widespread standard newspaper format with a double-page size of 470 × 630 mm
  • Berne Convention

    international convention dating from 1886 guaranteeing authors’ rights over their works of literature, art and music
  • bestsellers

    books that sell quickly and in great numbers, which requires, as a rule, large marketing campaigns
  • Bézier curve

    special mathematically defined curve with two endpoints and two supporting points with great significance for computer graphics and typography
  • Bible

    collected holy writings of Judaism and Christianity
  • Bible paper

    thin wood-free paper with high fastness and high grade opacity for the production of books of lasting value
  • bibliography

    systematic catalogue of media that is prepared according to unifying principles such as time period or other characteristics
  • bibliomania

    compulsive passion for collecting books that goes as far as violating moral and legal standards
  • bibliophilia

    love of books leading to the building of a private library, often turning into the collection of rare and special editions
  • bilingual inscription

    an inscription or handwriting giving the same text in two languages
  • binding

    the process of combining single pages or folded sheets using thread or wire
  • binding book price

    in Germany and Austria, books are subject to binding sales prices, with the exception of second-hand books
  • binding copy

    book with a flexible cover directly stuck to the text block
  • biography

    account of a person’s life or a collection containing the description of several lives
  • blank

    deliberately planned as a blank page without content but included in the page count
  • blind embossing

    a book cover decorated using stamps, burnishers, blocks etc., and without using ink or leaf metal
  • blind text

    meaningless text to enable the checking of the visual appearance when designing layouts
  • block book

    book with pages only printed on one side, often furnished with pictures, printed with woodblocks using a rubbing technique without the use of a printing press
  • block letters

    a script suitable for printing (as opposed to handwriting)
  • blockbuster

    a term in television and cinema for a hugely successful production
  • blog

    a web diary written in public on the internet (“web log”)
  • blue books

    collections of documents in which matters of foreign policy of individual states are published in characteristic colours: blue being the colour of the first such publications in England
  • blurb

    the text on the dust jacket of a book that usually provides information on the contents and the author as well as other works by the same publisher
  • body painting

    body art with direct application of paint to the skin which, unlike tattooing, is only temporary
  • body text typeface

    predominant typeface of a printed work in which the main justified paragraphs of the text, distinct from the headings, is set
  • body type

    in terms of form and size, the primary font used  in a printed work
  • book art

    handcrafted accentuation in book design and manufacture in terms of the typography, layout, illustration and binding
  • book art movement

    reform movement arising as a reaction against industrial book production around 1900
  • book burning

    burning of printed matter, most often demonstratively carried out in public, of the publications with content subject to official disapproval or by condemned authors
  • book clasps

    elements (clips made of metal or straps) most often placed on the leading edge of a book to avoid it falling open
  • book club

    club whose members undertake to regularly purchase special low-price editions of books
  • book decoration

    ornamental or pictorial elements for the decoration of a book, such as borders, title edging or publishers’ marks
  • book fair

    book trade sector event that may also have the character of an exhibition as a fair for customers, often involving authors and readers as well
  • book format

    originally indicated the number of leaves per folded sheet (2 in a Folio, 4 in a Quart, 8 in an Octavo)
  • book genre

    subset of book type classified according to aspects of form, content, target readership or use and function
  • book illustration

    the pictorial furnishing of a book, which may also encompass ornamental accessories such as initials and vignettes
  • book object

    art objects tending towards book form, where the artist in part views books as a raw material
  • book of hours

    prayer book popular in the Middle Ages with psalms and devotional texts for each hour of the day
  • book of tables

    collections of scientific or mathematical tables or charts
  • book paper

    machine-finished printing paper with high leaf thickness and low transparency
  • book plundering

    the looting of the libraries of the disenfranchised and the expelled, primarily in the Nazi period
  • book price fixing

    although price fixing is prohibited for most goods, in the book-selling trade, prices set by the publishing house apply for all vendors (in Germany)
  • book printing

    printing of books and brochures that contain mostly text
  • book trade

    the business of the production, marketing and distribution of books and other media in the form of publishing houses, book dealers and bookshops
  • book tub

    waterproof and easy-to-transport container for unbound books in the pre-industrial era
  • book-form

    physical form of storing long, often illustrated texts (in scroll, codex or leporello form) made from papyrus, parchment or paper
  • bookbinder

    occupation in the print industry requiring formal training that deals with the manual or industrial manufacture  of book covers and bindings
  • booklet

    brochure-like supplement to a compact disc
  • bookmark

    placeholder, digital or otherwise, inserted into a text for the rapid retrieval of a reader's place
  • bookplate (ex-libris)

    small-format graphic print or label stuck inside a book as a mark of ownership
  • books on demand

    protected trademark of a system providing temporarily digitally cached books upon customer request
  • bookseller

    a company which is active as a bookseller and/or distributor with its own shop
  • bookwheel

    rotating bookstand allowing several open books to be read simultaneously
  • bookworm

    book pest whose larvae eat through the pages of books; also figuratively a passionate reader of books
  • border

    term for vignettes, title framing and other ornamental forms
  • born-digital materials

    media originally created on, or with the use of, digital devices
  • from 1825 the short form of Börsenverein der Deutschen Buchhändler (tr: Stock Exchange Association of German Book Dealers), since 1990 of the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels (tr: Stock Exchange Association of German Book Trade )
  • boycott

    the exclusion of persons, companies or states  from business and trade in the pursuit of economic, social or political aims
  • Braille script

    script pressed into paper from the rear side, which can be read by touch with the fingertip; for the blind
  • breviary

    liturgical book containing the daily acts of worship
  • brief

    term for a short papal decree
  • broadsheet

    normally a sheet printed on one side only, primarily from the 15th and 16th centuries
  • brocaded paper

    coloured paper decorated with embossed metal leaf
  • browser

    computer program for the rendering of internet-based content on screen
  • Bücher dispute

    conflict centred on fixed shop prices and discounts in the German book trade in the late 19th century
  • bulletin

    daily report, daily military orders, official communiqué
  • Byte

    an 8 Bit (binary digits) unit of data that assume 256 different values
  • Byzantine iconoclasm

    dispute concerning the worship of religious images in the Byzantine church in the 8th and 9th centuries
  • Byzantine studies

    the study of the history, culture and population of the Byzantine empire