• hagiography

    the writing of largely uncritical biographies of saints and notable religious figures derived from the accounts of lives of martyrs
  • hair stroke

    extremely fine but printable lines for script and graphics
  • half uncial

    an early-medieval script
  • halftone (printing technology)

    distribution of print into small dots to create continuous tone
  • halftone image

    black and white or colour image that exhibits continuously varying tone values
  • halftone printing

    printing technique in which halftone patterns are reproduced by means of a grid pattern
  • Hallmarking

    decorative technique, by which motiv is embossed, i.e. sunk into the material, either leather or metal using a metal hallmarking tool
  • hand press

    a printing press powered by human force
  • hand press period

    the period of bookmaking between approximately 1460 und 1830
  • hand-operated platen

    a printing press operated by hand with both a flat printing frame and flat platen (metal plate)
  • hand-pressed print

    books produced manually by means of traditional relief printing
  • handmade paper

    paper produced by hand using a mould placed in a vat of stock
  • hardcover

    a book with rigid binding and a protective cover made of cardboard
  • hatching

    in graphic art and printing, a special drawing technique that allows for presentation of light, shadow and plasticity
  • headband

    cloth band that serves to decorate and to protect the head and tail of a printed work
  • Hebrew alphabet

    a consonantal alphabet for conveying both ancient and modern Hebrew as well as Aramaic with the incorporation of vowel points
  • heraldry

    the study of the origin and development of heraldic signs (often coats of arms and heraldic badges) and the way in which they are represented
  • heresy

    an opinion that is opposed to the ideas of a given set of religious teachings
  • hermeneutics

    the theory of text interpretation, which may relate to religious, legal, literary or musical works, among others
  • hieroglyphics

    scripts whose pictorial symbols can denote both concepts and phonetic values
  • hieromancy

    a form of divination involving the observation of objects that are used as part of a sacrifice (e.g.  animal entrails)
  • historicism

    an artistic approach of the 19th century that primarily sought to recreate historic styles
  • historiology

    an area of historical scholarship dealing with the fundamental aspects of history including methodology and source criticism
  • history painting

    the artistic depiction of historical, biblical or legendary events and scenes
  • Hittitology

    the study of the language, culture and history of the Hittites
  • HKS scale

    scale of 84 spot colours established by three leading German colour manufacturers
  • Holy Alliance

    a coalition formed in 1815 comprising Russia, Austria and Prussia which came to include all the Christian monarchies of the day with the exception of England and the Holy See
  • homepage

    the initial page of a website on the internet
  • homiliarium

    medieval collection of sermons (homilies)
  • host

    a computer that acts as a server in a digital network offering services that can be accessed by network clients
  • hot-melt adhesive

    thermoplastic material free of water and solvents that is heated before application, then solidifies quickly
  • hot-metal typesetting

    individual type components cast from lead assembled mechanically or manually for letterpress printing
  • house mark

    a symbol associated with families and courts, signifying ownership and placed on movable objects
  • Huguenots

    Protestants that fled their native France from 1685 onwards (with the abolishment of the Edict of Nantes) as the result of religious persecution
  • humanism

    an intellectual movement prevalent since the Renaissance that attaches central importance to the individual and his or her dignity and education
  • Hundred Years’ War

    a violent conflict between the kingdoms of England and France lasting from 1338 until 1453
  • hybrid edition

    an edition that is not only released in the classical printed form but also as an offline or online digital edition
  • hymn

    ceremonial songs of praise
  • hyperlink

    an electronic reference or cross reference in a hypertext
  • hypertext

    a digital document containing electronic references to other documents
  • hypertext markup language (HTML)

    a text-based markup language which allows for the structured creation of text, images, hyperlinks, etc.  for display in a web browser