• jacket

    paper or cardboard slip cover for a brochure or book
  • jacket text

    page with brief information about the author and the content of a work with additional bibliographical data
  • jacquard loom

    a loom used for creating large-scale patterns operated by means of punched cards which are considered to be the very first digital data medium
  • job composition

    typesetting of commercial printing with complex forms of writing and adornment
  • job printing

    custom printed matter such as invitations, visiting cards, etc.
  • jobbing press

    a printing machine composed of a flat type bed and platen (flat plate)
  • JPEG (joint photographic experts group)

    a standardised format for the storage of compressed digital images and of great importance in the field of digital photography and the internet
  • justification

    the organisation of the lines into columns, e.g. left-justified or central