• Nachlass

    the works of a scholar and bequeathed or handed down in its entirety following the scholar’s death to be archived
  • national bibliography

    a bibliographic catalogue that serves as a comprehensive directory of the written works of a particular nation
  • national church

    churches which are associated with a particular state in the aftermath of the Lutheran Reformation
  • national colours

    the national colours symbolic of a country or a state and found in its flag or national coat of arms
  • national library

    an institution that aims to collect, archive and record the entire written works of a nation, while making these accessible to the public
  • natural paper

    machine-finished or calendered, uncoated paper without synthetic fibrous materials
  • nature printing

    printing process which involves direct use of natural objects (e.g. leaves) as a printing implement to create an image
  • nature printing

    printing process which involves direct use of natural objects (e.g. leaves) as a printing implement to create an image
  • necrology

    a list of deceased persons compiled in the monasteries of the Middle Ages which honoured the dead through annual requiems and observances
  • necropolis

    an ancient cemetery located on the peripheries of a city, for example near city walls or on country roads
  • network

    a complex system of interrelated elements (telephones, computers, etc.)
  • new media

    newly emerging media forms as pertains to a particular historical era; the term has been used to describe the radio, television and, ultimately, digital media
  • New Style

    a calendar dating system used from 1582 onwards utilising the newer Gregorian form
  • newspaper

    printed material that is published periodically and accessible to all with current content of all kinds
  • newsprint

    paper suitable for newspaper printing with low durability, formerly made from wood pulp; waste paper today
  • night writing

    script based on a system of twelve tactile dots originally designed for transmitting military intelligence
  • nimbus (halo)

    a halo or ring of light used as a symbol in artistic works, either in the form of a “mandorla”, which surrounds the whole body of a figure, or of an “aureola”, which surrounds the head
  • non-fiction

    a book detailing a particular subject that is intended for the general public; in other words, not specialist literature for experts or academics
  • non-impact printing (NIP)

    a printing process which does not transfer ink through the impact of a solid apparatus, with each sheet printed in its own, individual form (inkjet, laser printing, etc.)
  • notation system

    serves to establish categories within classification systems for the purposes of databases or libraries
  • numerals

    characters for numbers that can be designed typographically as medieval or lining figures
  • numismatics

    the study of currency in the form of coins, notes and other objects used for payment
  • remaindered book

    book, where the fixed book price is lifted on the basis of clearly identifiable defects and that is sold in a modern antiquarian bookshop