• table of contents

    an index that provides a general overview of the contents of a particular medium
  • tabula

    a board, writing tablet, tablet of law, chart or plate in a book
  • tabulae

    books of accounts, writings of a state or nation, certificates, or archives
  • tabularium

    a state archive in Ancient Rome
  • tachygraphy

    Greek term for shorthand
  • tagged image file format (TIFF)

    format for image files facilitating colour separation of raster files and capable of saving several images in one file
  • tally stick

    pieces of wood used to record figures and quantities, primarily to document mutual debts between parties with the aim of avoiding fraud in such cases
  • Talmud

    one of the most significant written works in Judaism which is made up of two components: the Mishnah and the Gemara
  • tariff

    a schedule of prices or fees for goods or services
  • tattoo

    permanent decorative designs made in the skin using a needle and indelible ink
  • technology

    tools or systems (and the processes of their design and production) to achieve a goal or create a solution
  • telecommunications

    exchange of information at a distance by technological means
  • telegraphy

    long-distance transmission of textual messages using encoded characters for electrical or optical transfer
  • telephony

    voice communication using technical equipment that is operated along either digital or analogue cables or using radio signals
  • television

    a form of mass media, which broadcasts audiovisual programs over antennae or through cables to a mass audience
  • temple

    term for a building that serves as a place of holy sanctuary
  • term catalogue

    catalogues produced for the book fairs in Frankfurt und Leipzig between 1564 and 1860 listing available works
  • terra sigillata

    Roman red gloss pottery that was either unpatterned or decorated in low relief using pottery moulds
  • territory

    the total extent of a late medieval or early modern territorial state
  • text

    written, structured language
  • text block

    consists of the printed, folded, bound and cut state of a book
  • text capture

    transformation of text into digital data by means of capture via keyboard or using computer-aided optical character recognition
  • text figures

    digits which, in contrast to the uppercase numerals, have descending characters for 3, 4, 5, 7 and ascending characters for 6 and 8
  • Textura (Textualis)

    a form of blackletter script from the Gothic era
  • TGL

    stands for Technische Normen, Gütevorschriften und Lieferbedingungen – set of standards for goods and services in the German Democratic Republic
  • The Fourth Estate

    the waged proletariat, the third party in addition to the state, from which the bourgeoisie arises
  • the problem of universality

    philosophical debate about the question of whether there really are universal concepts, a major theme of medieval scholasticism
  • thermal printer

    device that uses thermal print heads to produce texts, graphics or images on specially designed paper
  • thesaurus

    term in information science for a controlled and network-connected vocabulary
  • thread stitching

    method for stitching books by means of binding thread that is long-lasting and suitable for heavily used print media
  • three knife trimmer

    paper-cutting machine used in bookbinding to give the final form to the three cut sides of the book body 
  • thumb index

    notches cut into the fore edge of a book which make it easier to locate specific sections of the work
  • title page

    in books, the third or fifth page bearing the title
  • title page illustration

    illustrations, borders or vignettes on the title page of a book – also known as a frontispiece when on the page facing the title page
  • title set

    the typographical elements on a title page and their arrangement
  • title woodcut

    woodcut on the title page of a printed work
  • tonal value

    refers to the various levels, ranging from bright to dark, of a (digital) grayscale or colour image
  • tonal value increase (dot gain)

    a phenomenon whereby printed dots appear larger than originally anticipated
  • Tooling

    decorative technique, by which a knife was used to cut motifs into leather that had been warmed and soaked
  • Torah

    the first part of the Hebrew Bible which is referred to in Christianity as the five books of Moses
  • Tower of Babel

    a biblical story (Genesis 11, 1-9) that represents the confusion of tongues: the initial fragmentation of human languages
  • tracking

    spacing of individual letters
  • tract

    brief treatise dealing with a special topic of interest, often dealing with politics or religion
  • tradition

    the transfer and cultivation of common habits, behavioural patterns, beliefs and forms of material culture
  • transfer printing

    transfer process used for printing on porcelain, stoneware, glass and other industrial products
  • transmission control protocol / internet working protocol (TCP/IP)

    protocol for the controlled delivery of internet data
  • transparency, also slide

    positive photographic image processed directly from reversal film
  • trilingue

    a trilingual text which can be of particular importance for the purposes of deciphering unfamiliar scripts
  • trivial literature

    mass-produced, often clichéd and unrealistic literature intended as entertaining light reading
  • trivium

    the three medieval liberal arts conducive to scholarship: grammar, rhetoric, and logic
  • trophy

    an object, for example a weapon or flag, claimed in battle and that proudly serves as a symbol of victory over an enemy
  • troubadour

    a poet, composer or singer who performed romantic verse in the courts of the Middle Ages
  • true colour

    a digital colour format with three 8-bit-encoded colour channels of red, green and blue which produce a range of 16.7 million colours
  • TrueType

    a font type designed to display scripts on monitors and printers whereby characters and symbols are not defined as pixels but as vector images
  • two-sidedness (of paper)

    when the two sides of a sheet of paper are different; caused during sheet formation in the paper machine
  • type

    groups of typeface characters and symbols, the design and arrangement of which is a task of printed media production
  • type case

    cases used in manual typesetting for storing and delivering movable type and for housing individual fonts
  • type casting

    the manual or mechanical manufacture of letter sorts for hot-metal typesetting
  • type specimen

    a complete set of typeface symbols provided by a type foundry or other type supplier along with sample pages
  • typeface

    a complete set of type of a particular size and style
  • typeface appearance

    the visual appearance of handwriting, typeface or text in a print space
  • typesetting

    the preparation of text characters for the production of printing forms
  • typesetting machine

    a machine used for the production of finished metal type which involved the casting of individual symbols or entire lines
  • typewriter

    a machine, either electromechanically or hand-operated, which is used to type words on paper via a keypad
  • typographeum

    a term for all aspects and entities involved in the printing of books using movable type (publisher, typesetting, printing, bookbinding, the book trade, authors, readers etc.)
  • typographic alignment

    collective term for lines down the page
  • typographic ruler (typometer)

    a typographic measurement tool for typesetters
  • typographical measurement units

    measurement system for typographical distances
  • typography

    the process, developed by the book printing industry, of creating text, images, lines etc.  for printed publications and other media