• uncial

    Roman script capital letters which were written with a reed pen on parchment; used, for example, in the Codex Sinaiticus
  • Unicode

    internationally standardised encoding of meaning-bearing characters or text elements for all fonts and character systems
  • uniform resource locator (URL)

    indicator of an available source on the internet
  • union catalogues

    catalogues of library networks which document the division of labour in the cataloguing of stocks
  • Universal Copyright Convention (UCC)

    worldwide agreement concluded in 1952 for the protection of intellectual property
  • universal language

    universal symbols that could represent the characteristics all things and their relationships as searched for by GW Leibniz
  • universal library

    library which in contrast to more specialised collections houses media from all fields
  • university

    originating in the 12th Century,  teaching and research facilities which are operated as a communities of teachers and learners
  • untrimmed size

    for processing large uncut materials, which are then cut to the finished format during further processing
  • upper case

    in contrast to the medieval script, figures which have no ascenders or descenders and are located on the baseline of the font
  • Upper Paleolithic Period

    the later period of the Eurasian Old Stone Age (approx. 40,000 to 9,600 BC)
  • usability

    usability or suitability for use (including media and software)