• war reparations

    payments intended to cover damage or injury inflicted during a war
  • washi

    tough paper with long fibres derived from the bast fibre of the paper mulberry tree, especially suitable for restoration work
  • watermark

    differences in thickness detectable in transmitted light that were introduced during the manufacture of paper as a trademark or as a security feature
  • web page

    individual document on the internet that is part of a broader web presence
  • web-fed printing

    printing done directly on paper supplied from rolls (or webs) and not on sheets
  • website

    web presence that is composed of a number of web pages or individual documents
  • widow line

    in typography, a line of a paragraph which stands separately at the beginning of a new page and which is considered to be a grievous professional error
  • Wiener Werkstätte

    a working community of Viennese artists, established in 1903, inspired by the British Arts and Craft Movement
  • wire stitching

    method of stitching pamphlets using staples, only suitable for print media of short lifespan
  • WLAN

    abbreviation for Wireless Local Area Network, the wireless connection of two or more computers to a network
  • wood engraving

    a relief printing process in which an image is cut in the end grain of a block of wood
  • wood pulp (mechanical)

    raw material that is obtained by treating wood with a grindstone for the purposes of making wood-containing paper
  • wood-containing paper

    paper that, along with cellulose fibres, also contains lignin and other wood constituents
  • wood-covered book

    a book that is bound in a wooden cover and finished with a layer of leather or parchment
  • wood-free paper

    paper made from lignin-free cellulose fibres but which may still have been derived from wood
  • woodcut

    a relief printing process in which an image is carved along the side grain of a block of wood
  • wool scale

    scale from the textile industry for labelling the light fastness of colourants from unstable (1) to highly resistant to light (8)
  • word processing program

    software that allows for the digital creation and editing of text
  • work

    product of creative literary, artistic or scientific work that is entitled to copyright protection
  • world wide web (www)

    service for accessing interlinked HTML documents via the internet
  • wrap

    term derived from media and printing technology, which refers to inserting text in the default layout
  • writing master

    a secular, professional instructor that taught court scribes and other professional scribes their trade
  • writing master instruction book

    a book for the purposes of teaching scribes, which detailed the symbols and forms of various scripts
  • writing material

    inorganic and organic material that provides a suitable surface to carry writing, e.g. stone, clay, papyrus, parchment, paper
  • writing utensils

    instruments used to apply characters or symbols to material
  • writtenness

    attribute of a society in which reading and writing have a decisive influence on communication
  • WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get)

    the document is displayed during editing on the screen as it is output in final form on another device